CO2 emission reduction by removing excess volume in packaged E-commerce deliveries

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Type Group assignment
Assignment, 4 major E-commerce companies and Topsector Logistiek have started a project to identify the potential of CO2 emissions reduction in E-commerce logistics. One of the potential reductions is by removing excess (wasted) volume. The products are normally packaged in a carton box or envelope for shipment, which creates losses by excess volume (the box is larger than the packaged product).
The target of the internship is to measure in the DCś of the e-tailers a sizable number of actual shipments, analyze the results and make recommendations, in the timeframe Sept-Nov 2017.
Expert guidance and how to measure and report will be delivered by Connekt/TNO. (Financial) support for measuring at locations will be given.
The result will be used externally in communications and recommendations by the sector.
This is group assignment for 2 to 3 persons, who like to go out in the field and observe operational practices, and take these into account when crunching numbers and writing reports.


Practical, outgoing, communicative, likes to meet and travel.

Preference for bachelor or master student No preference
Study BSc Milieu-maatschappijwetenschappen, BSc Natuurwetenschap en Innovatiemanagement, MSc Sustainable Business and Innovation, MSc Sustainable Development
Field Innovation, Environmental and Energy Sciences, Social Geography and Planology
Starts September
Length 3 - 4 months
Location To be determined. Partially at location
Language Dutch or English
Compensation Monthly compensation, to be agreed upon, plus travel and lodging
Application procedure

Write a mail why you (as a group) are interested. Suitable groups will be interviewed by and Connekt for selection.

Connekt/Topsector Logistiek

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2611 RV Delft


Contact Faculty of Geosciences
Erika Dijksma