Creating healthy indoor circumstances in real estate buildings

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Type Research internship

Research indicates multiple straightforward adjustments in real estate buildings (e.g. increasing the use of natural materials or ventilation regulated by CO2 concentrations) can contribute to creating healthier indoor circumstances. However, due to missing links between the scientific research and practical problems/solutions, most of such improvements are not being applied on a larger scale. In order to deal with this issue and improve current building practices, we are looking for an intern that is interested in researching the scientifically available practical solutions and linking them to possible adjustments in real estate buildings. The results should at least be presented in in a clear overview which is ready for implementation.


Motivated to link scientific solutions to practical problems
Feeling with building technologies and/or life sciences

Preference for bachelor or master student No preference
Study BSc Milieu-maatschappijwetenschappen, BSc Milieu-natuurwetenschappen, BSc Natuurwetenschap en Innovatiemanagement, MSc Innovation Sciences, MSc Sustainable Development
Field Innovation, Environmental and Energy Sciences
Starts September
Length Between 3 and 6 months
Location Amersfoort
Language Dutch
Compensation 400
Application procedure

Quick procedure, just one interview.


30 September, 2016
Podium 9
3826 PA Amersfoort

Evelien Ploos van Amstel

Contact Faculty of Geosciences
Erika Dijksma