What you need to arrange

When you find an internship on this site that interests you:

  1. Contact the university’s contact person listed on its page. You can also contact the company to get more details on the content and conditions of the internship.
  2. ECTS: if you want to know whether you can get ECTS for the internship, talk to the university’s contact person and make a formal request to the Board of Examiners. Do this well in time, before you enter into any obligations because getting credits approved afterwards is generally not possible.
  3. Registration & de-registration: for some internships, it is a requirement that you remain registered at the university. The company should be able to tell you whether this is the case. If you are looking to gain ECTS for the internship, this is a definite must. Please note that if you de-register from the university, you can only re-register as of 1 September. Registration during the academic year is not possible!
  4. Finances: make sure you have the time and financial resources to complete the internship. Especially if doing an internship means you have to suspend your studies for a while. That means you will have to study longer than originally expected and you need to be sure that is financially viable.
  5. Housing: if you have to move to another city or country for the internship, it may be possible to sub-let your room. Ask your landlord if this is allowed and possible.