Sustainability is one of the strategic research themes at Utrecht University. Research at Utrecht University within the Sustainability theme focuses on the transition to a society that is ecologically, economically and socially balanced. At Utrecht University, insights into the earth and climate, water, biodiversity, energy and environmental issues converge. One of the most important issues: how are we going to solve the increasing scarcity of water and energy, both globally and in urban regions?

The Sustainability research theme is grouped into three sub-themes:

  • Water, Climate & Ecosystems: Can we unravel the future climate and its effects on mankind?
    Focus on modeling the future global water cycle.

  • Healthy Urban Living: How can we make liveable and healthy cities?
    Focus on joint projects to create healthy urban environments.

  • Energy & Resources: Can we provide good solutions for the global demand for energy and resources?
    Focus on making better use of our current energy sources, finding new sources and finding ways for saving energy.