What our students have to offer


Several types of internship are possible. Some of the more common varieties:

  • Graduation internship/MSc thesis: a research internship. The internship project has to contribute to the student’s Master’s Thesis; for example by having a relevant research focus. Usually such an internship is a well-defined (part of a) project; tight time management is essential. Prior to the start of such an internship, your organization and the thesis supervisor will need to agree on the specifics of the internship; additionally, the Board of Examiners has to approve the project.
  • Regular internship: the student joins your organization as an intern and works on regular projects.
  • Consultancy project: a specific project tailored to a specific Master’s student as part of a MSc course. The student acts as a consultant on the project on matters relevant to the course. Your organization and the course coordinator agree on the specifics prior to the start of the internship.
  • Course assignments: similar to a consultancy project, but for courses in a BSc programme. Typically smaller in scale than a consultancy project.